The beginning of April, 2020, was unusual. The coronavirus pandemic has forced us all to reorganize our lives. People who telecommute have managed by now to fully adapt to the new occupational activity system, but the anxiety regarding the health of their loved ones, the situation in the country and worldwide, must have become a common experience. Also, as of the beginning of April, Wikpol engaged in the Tato.Net initiative. Together we discover fatherhood, , initiated and successfully developed for more than ten years by Dariusz Cupiał.

The mission of Tato.Net is to support fathers and to motivate men to take responsibility for their own and their families’ life. This is achieved through cyclical conferences attended by pundits representing different fields of science, and known social personalities. During the conference, matters concerning the education of children, fathers’ personal development, balancing professional and family duties, the social climate around the fatherhood, are being discussed.

The most recent Spring edition of the conference titled. “Mądrość& Skuteczność” (wisdom and effectiveness), organized at the Lublin Conference Centre, gathered more than 30 experts from Poland and abroad. The subject matter of the forum included many interesting issues, such as: the responsibility for children’s emotions in the face of the pandemic, the trap of being only effective without wisdom, the attitude of responsible fatherhood, benefits from sharing one’s experience with children, the role of a father as a guide in the digital and real world, and many others. There were also issues related to the active presence of the fathers in families during the quarantine (#zostanwdomu #tatowdomu).

Among the employees of Wikpol, there is a big group of persons who face the challenges associated with fatherhood. Being a good dad is increasingly difficult, and requires acquiring many skills, e.g. matching the role of a father with the professional role (work-life balance). Initiatives such as Tato.Net are a useful element in preparing for this role.

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