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Aluminium rims of different diameter and weight.

Purpose of the investment project:

The investment meets several objectives at the same time:

  • Elimination of burdensome work related to performing non-ergonomic body movements
  • Reduction of quality deficiencies (damages) thanks to the high repeatability of robot operation
  • 24 h operation
  • Capacity reserve in the event of an increase in production volume


The capacity depends on the type of rims and their suspension pattern (homogeneous or mix).

Robot station:

The station includes industrial robots equipped with specialized grippers adapted to take rims from the picking system and to hang them on a movable rack according to the pre-programmed sequence. The robot grippers have been designed in a way that protects the rims against damage to their surface and edges.

Other devices:

- Picking system
- Sling positioning conveyors
- Conveyors guiding the lower part of the slings in order to stabilize them (preventing them from jumping up and down) and setting them vertically
- Sling levelling system
- System for proper orientation of the slings in relation to the ground
- Handling system


The station is integrated with the plant system (using Profinet), which allows the exchange of the following information:
- line operation status
- line downtime and alarms
- data on the number of suspended rims by their type
- selection of assortment

The possibility of expanding communication with the planned rim removal station has been provided for.

Additional information:

Remote service of the station is carried out using the VPN standard.