Date: 2013-11-05


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  1. The product being moved: leaden mesh filled with lead powder mass,
  2. plate heap weight up to 30 kg,
  3. plate width: 140, 144, and 180 mm,
  4. plate length: 200 - 630 mm,
  5. the option of making the piles manually by the personnel,
  6. an app which makes it possible to parametrize new plate sizes, and the arrangement templates of the piles.


Capacity of placing plates into baskets – stack of 10 plates every 10 seconds.

Robot station:

The station has been built with the use of an industrial robot type R2000iB/165F from FANUC Robotics.

Work head:

The robot's gripper is refitted automatically depending on the plate sizes being currently handled (the head is constructed based on electrical and pneumatic drives).

Description of operation:

The industrial robot picks up stacks of plates from the picking and packing module, and places them in a positioned basket, which is located on a rotating table, which cyclically rotates after the basket is fully loaded.

The access to the basket is secured by means of an optical curtain.


The position has been equipped with a computer based ALPA-ADD system, which makes it possible to add new plate sizes, properly arranged in the basket.