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Two types of paper roll packages in shrink wrap:

  • displays with single foil wrapped rolls
  • roll multipacks

Purpose of the investment project:

The investment project consisting in adding an industrial robot to a palletization process was supposed to improve the final production section, among others by eliminating particularly cumbersome activities performed by the employees. Some products are placed on pallets in high stacks, and the pallets are heaped, which, in the case of the manual heaping of displays was problematic.


The robotized palletizing station picks up products from three largest production lines. Its capacity is 5,143 displays per hour, or 1,333 collective packages.

Robot station:

In the line, a FANUC Robotics type M-410iC/315 industrial robot has been employed, equipped with a DCS (Dual Check Safety) system, which makes ot possible to control in an advanced way the position and speed of the machines. The robot, with its backup safety systems embedded in the controller, verifies its position and speed within the specially separated work zones.)

Work head:

The palletizing robot has been equipped with a special gripper designed to move products with relatively large dimensions, but also fragile and prone to damage. The work head picks up full package layers, which it then places onto a pallet according to a programmed scheme. In the case of changes in the assortment, the system refits itself automatically.

In the head, a pick up mechanism for cardboard dividers has been installed.


In the line, a modern control system has been installed, equipped with a legible and simple interface. On the monitor screen of the operator's panel, the user sees a transparent image of the entire line, the statuses of particular devices, and the current position of the product. Thanks to the advanced diagnostics of the system, they also receive precise information on failures and their location

The software app of the line makes it possible to use functions significant for the user, such as:

  • recording the amount of the product palletized and the pallets released to the warehouse
  • exchanging information with an external production planning system,
  • visualization of the operation of all the elements of the line,
  • parametrization of the line's operation,
  • planning inspections, signaling the need to perform inspections,
  • reporting the line's operation, registering failure statuses,
  • remote service access to the system,
  • integration with a label applicator.

The software also includes a dedicated Alpa ADD computer system, which helps, thanks to its graphic interface, easily and quickly create new palletization templates, and optimize the arrangement of the product on a pallet. The parameters of the templates created are converted by the system into a form understood by the robot and directly sent to its controller.

Using the Alpa ADD app, the user:

  • independently defines the quantity and method of stacking the products in the layers
  • independently defines the quantity and method of arranging the cardboard dividers on the pallets

Other devices working in the palletization line

  • a picking and packing module built on the basis of a gantry manipulator, able to move packages to an adequate position while rotating them by 90˚, or 180˚ to complete a layer according to an arrangement scheme programmed
  • an automatic module for wrapping pallets
  • a logistical label applicator
  • a system for distributing empty pallets with an automatic feeder
  • a system for collecting loaded pallets