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Multipacks of bottles with different volumes (0.33 l; 0.5 l; 0.7 l; 1.5 l) with mineral water or beverages.

At the moment, the line palletizes 8 types of multipacks according to 12 arranging templates. The system enables extensions of the range of products, packages, and stacking templates, and in the future adding another palletization line, e.g. for galons.

Purpose of the investment project:

An increase in the palletization capacity and a reduction in the production costs.


12,000 bottles per hour (56 DHP pallets/h or 24 EURO pallets//h)

Robot station:

In the line, a four-axis ABB type IRB 660 palletizing robot has been used, with a lifting capacity of 250 kg and a range of 3150 mm, together with the SafeMovie system which makes it possible to limit the zone of the machine's operation by means of software. The robot is equipped with a special gripper designed to pick up multipacks from the picking and packing system and to stack them on euro or DHP pallets according to a sequence programmed.

Other devices:

  • Multipack transport system with multipack rotation system
  • System for picking and packing rows of bottle multipacks
  • Automatic feeder for Euro and DHP pallets
  • A manipulator for placing cardboard spacers between layers and spacer magazine
  • Conveyor module for transporting empty and full pallets
  • Wrapping machine with pallet elevator


The line is controlled by means of a specialized software app manufactured by Wikpol. It ensures a clear visualization of the line's operation, and illustrates the status of particular devices.