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The product being packed is lime granulate with two granulation sizes:

- 1 mm – 4 mm

- 4 mm – 8 mm

The granules are packed into big - bags of 500 kg with a foil insert. When closing the bags, air is being sucked out.

Purpose of the investment project:

The robot-based packaging line is the final section of a newly activated lime granulate production line. According to the assumptions, it reaches a capacity which ensures collecting the entire production from the area. Thanks to the industrial robot, which executes tasks related to handling the packing machines, another purpose of the investment project in the form of the automation of particularly cumbersome physical works has been achieved.


The line for packaging granulate into big - bags reaches a capacity of 30 t /h. The maximum output of a single lane is 40 500 kg bags /h.

Robot station:

The packaging line employs a six-axis type R2000iC industrial robot from FANUC Robotics, equipped with a special gripper designed to pick up empty sacks and to attach them to the filling hoppers of the packing machines. The robot's job is to serve two packing machines.

The robot picks up an empty sack from a special module which consists of a device for picking up bags, and of an empty sack magazine, with a minimum level signalling device and an emptiness signalling device.

The robot's range is 2655 mm, and the repeatability of the robot's operation is ± 0.2 mm.

Other devices:

  • Two backfilling tanks with level sensors, which help control automatically the feeding of the material to the tank
  • Two packing machines type EWN BB
  • Empty bag feeding module
  • Fanuc Robotics industrial robot
  • Automatic air suction module for bags
  • Automatic welding module for bag sleeve polythene inserts

Description of operation:

The robot attaches empty 500 kg big - bags to the filling hoppers of the two packing machines type EWN-BB. Upon attaching a bag, the bag's sleeve is automatically clamped and the process of filling the bag commences. The bags are filled and weighted when standing. The filling proceeds by means of a gravitational dispensing valve. The track of the material is made of stainless steel. After the end of the filling cycle, the bag is transported to the automatic air removal bag, and to the welding module in which the polythene bag sleeve insert is being welded. The sealed bag is transferred to the collection site. Each of the lanes has a buffer for at least 3 big - bags.

Additional information:

Characteristics of EWN - BB packing machines

  • A broad range of the mas being weighted
  • Dosing in the main and the supplementing flow
  • Optimization of the dispensing process
  • Choosing the setpoint values for the mas being dosed
  • Auto-reset and auto-taring
  • Defect signalling
  • Calculating the weighted mass and the number of weighting processes
  • The option of connecting to a printer- printing the labels for the bags, reports etc.
  • The option of connecting to a computer system or a PLC controller