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Floor panels in three different formats, each of which is packed into a different number of pieces per package.

Purpose of the investment project:

A significant increase in the capacity of packaging, and an increase in the efficiency of this section of their production department.


A robot-based packaging line operates at a capacity of 12 panel piles/a minute.


In the line, the following tasks are to be performed:

  • Forming cardboard packages
  • Stacking the panels into cardboard boxes
  • Placing Information leaflets
  • Closing and gluing the cardboard packages
  • Applying logistical labels
  • Transporting to the palletization station

Robot station:

The Fanuc industrial robot is equipped with a special gripper designed to pick up two panel stacks, and then to place them on cardboard package templates, in line with a sequence programmed.

Other devices:

Cardboard box loading station:

The templates, laid in two piles, are collected automatically by a module of grippers. Then, they are directed to the positioning area.

Cardboard box and panel positioning station:

Its goal is to position a pile of panels precisely in relation to the packages – simultaneously at two levels of the dedicated conveyor.

Cardboard package bottom preparation module:

The bottom of a cardboard box is formed and glued around the panel stack located inside the template by the robot.

Operation manual applicator:

The manuals are located inside the package, opposite to the window.

System for forming the upper part of the package:

It is to fully close and glue the box

Product conveyor system:

The system operates within precisely programmed strokes.


The floor panel packaging line has been equipped with a specialized software app that makes it possible to exchange data with an external production planning system, to parametrize the operation of the system, and to visualize the operation of its particular elements. The app delivers information regarding the number of the products packed, and the reports from the line's operation, and failure databases.

The line is being serviced remotely, through a VPN connection.