Date: 2013-07-29


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  1. Laying valve bags on pallets:
  2. continuous work 24h/day,
  3. fully automated placing of dividers between the layers.


Paper type weighting 25 kg with a capacity of 800 bags per hour;
paper and polypropylene type with a weight of 50 kg at a capacity of 500 bags per hour,

Description of operation:

WIKPOL Sp. z o.o. has designed, made, and launched an automatic palletization line consisting of the following devices:

  • a transport route for the bags, composed of belt conveyors and roller conveyors,
  • a dynamic control scale, which weights packages in motion, and verifies them for correct filling,
  • a metal detector, detecting metallic contamination in the products being packed,
  • devices removing from the transport route packages with a weight significantly different than the nominal, and with metallic contamination,
  • a bag shaping module whose task is to arrange the material evenly in a bag,
  • a picking and packing module for packages upstream the palletizing, which groups the bags before the robot's head picks them up,
  • a palletizing robot equipped with a special gripper,
  • an automatic feeder for pallets, topped-up by means of a forklift truck,
  • a roller conveyor module for empty pallets and pallets with bags,
  • an automatic wrapper for loaded pallets,
  • a printer with an applicator for applying labels on two sides of wrapped pallets,
  • a safety system of the station and a control system.

The whole system is a fully automatic line controlled by a PLC controller with a colour operator touch screen. The app of the controller synchronizes the operation of particular devices in the line, by collecting signals from numerous proximity (optical, induction, magnetic) sensors, and ultrasonic range finders, and by controlling the executive elements (electrical and pneumatic drives).


The application of Ethernet communication modules, included in the computer network, makes it possible to access the line's controller and the robot's controller remotely in order to diagnose the operation of the devices, and to update the software. This ensures a quick reaction to any possible unusual behavior of the line reported by the personnel without waiting for the arrival of maintenance employees.

Additional information:

The robot's head applied is intended for placing bags precisely at a capacity of more than 800 bags per hour. The design of the head is optimized in terms of arranging bags on the pallets repeatably, and also limiting deformations of bags during the movement.