Date: 2014-08-07


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One of the modernization options was to make a line operated by people, however Wikpol Sp. z o.o. used an innovative and modern solution, never used before, namely an unmanned line with a FANUC Robotics industrial robot type M10iA.

Purpose of the investment project:

Thanks to the industrial robot, a line was created which uses state-of-the-art technologies, not requiring continuous supervision, operation, and which minimizes the number of devices at the station.


The max. capacity of the laboratory line: 30 samples/hour,

Robot station:

The station is equipped with a precise laboratory scale connected with a controller which controls a two-stage aluminum sulfate dispenser.

Description of operation:

Using its gripper, the robot serves the following devices:

dispensing scale,
station for washing and drying bowls and cups,
conveyor for spare pulp samples,
station for solution clearing and mixing,
solutions filtration station.

The homogenizer is equipped with an automatic mixer for mixing pulp, which has a stirrer made of steel bars, and a pneumatic system for raising and positioning the mixer at work on the positions: "ready", "stirring", and "washing". After each pulp homogenization cycle, the stirrer is being washed and dried, to prevent mixing of the pulp
from different samples. The homogenizer is controlled directly by the PLC controller of the line.

Additional information:

The design of the automatic line also assumes that in the event of a defect in the robot, the line may be operated manually by the operator (after switching the robot off).