Date: 2013-07-25


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  1. The installation of a robot for unpacking tobacco from cardboard boxes and delivering unpacked tobacco to two lines
  2. The types of cardboard boxes:
    - cardboard boxes sized 1100x700x730 mm and weighting 180-220 kg
    - cardboard half-boxes sized 1100x700x380 mm and weighting 90-110 kg
  3. Input product.
    A pile of cardboard boxes containing 3 or more cardboard boxes on a separate pile (without europallets).
  4. Project details
    - automatic line with a single robot for lifting, moving, manipulating cardboard boxes with tobacco, emptying the cardboard boxes, moving and placing empty cardboard boxes
    - process of placing empty cardboard boxes – a roller conveyor for flat folded cardboard boxes (selection of two cardboard boxes types: cardboard boxes fit for reusing, unfit cardboard boxes – intended for disposal);
    - controlling for correct sequence of cardboard boxes collected.
    - electronic data set and archiving

Robot station:

The line employs a M900iA robot with a capacity of 600 kg. The robot is equipped with a gripper which performs the following operations:

  • picking up cardboard boxes from the conveyor and transferring to the manipulator which removes tobacco from the cardboard boxes,
  • sliding cardboard boxes off (one half into the other,
  • folding a cardboard box flat and placing it on one of two pallets,
  • picking up an empty pallet from the pile and placing on one of the two conveyors, where flattened cardboard boxes will be placed.

Additional information:

The manipulator is a supporting device suitable for working with a robot (moving cardboard boxes with tobacco and collecting empty cardboard boxes), as well as with an operator (eliminating trims and spacers).