Date: 2014-09-17


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  1. A M-410iB/300 industrial robot from FANUC Robotics equipped with a special gripper for picking up bags (1 pcs. at a time), pallets, and cardboard dividers,
  2. modernization of the conveyor for collecting bags by the robot,
  3. a DCS safety package (Dual Check Safety) - advanced control of the robot's position and speed,
  4. empty pallet magazine with a capacity of 15 pcs.,
  5. cardboard divider magazine,
  6. max. net load weight on a pallet: 1000 kg,
  7. the way of arranging the product on a pallet- 2 schemes.


Palletizing line capacity – up to 320 25 kg bags/h.

Description of operation:

The robot picks up an empty pallet from the pallet magazine, then a cardboard divider from the divider magazine, and places it at the bottom of the pallet. The bags with starch are delivered from the packaging line to the robot's station on a roller conveyor. The robot picks up one bag at a time from the conveyor, and places it on a pallet prepared in advance according to an arrangement scheme pre-set by the personnel. After filling the pallet up, the personnel collects it with a forklift truck.

Additional information:

The system's configuration, and the devices used provide for a future expansion of the palletizing line by automated wrapping systems and logistical label application systems.