Date: 2015-07-30


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  1. the product being packed – plastic granules
  2. Packing into bags on a packing machine:
    - dose packed: 25 kg,
    - packing the material into foil bags made from a tape.
  3. Bags palletized 25kg:
    - pallet type used: EURO 800x1200mm and EURO 1000x1200 mm,
    - cardboard divider: at the bottom of the pallet, between the layers depending on the scheme,
    - arranging the bags on the pallets:
    1.) for pallets 1200x1000 – 5 pcs. per layer, 7÷12 layers (bag dimensions: 600x400 mm),
    2.) for pallets 1200x800 – 6 pcs. per layer, 7÷10 layers (bag dimensions: 400x400 mm),
  4. Printing the product number and series on the side of a bag.


Capacity: 6-7 bags/min, 240 bags/h,

Other devices:

The bag packaging and palletizing line comprises of the following equipment and devices:

  1. A packing machine (pulse sealing) equipped with:
    - a special tubus with an air vent for forming flat bags with a weight of 25 kg,
    - unwinding foil from the roll automatically,
    - foil end sensors with light - sound signals,
    - bag side fold forming mechanism,
    - ionizer – a mechanism for discharging electrostatic charges from the foil,
    The granules are packed with the use of a 2 head weight dispenser.
  2. A roller conveyor with a weight control module for the bags, being at the same time a station for the robot to pick up the bags.
    - The bags move from the packing machine to the roller conveyor installed on the scale, the bags are stopped for the measurement time, and then, if they fall within the pre-set tolerance they are collected by the robot. The bags with a weight outside the pre-set tolerance are put aside on a gravitational conveyor.
  3. A pallet feeder, and a cardboard divider magazine
    - The pallets and dividers are collected from the magazines by the robot. The pallet magazine's capacity is approx. 15 pallet.
    - The divider magazine holds 200 dividers.
  4. Industrial (palletizing) robot's position::
    - A FANUC Robotics type M 410iC/315 industrial robot equipped with a special gripper designed to:
    1.) picking up and placing bags (max two at a time) on a pallet according to a sequence programmed,
    2.) picking up ready-made paper dividers using vacuum (suction cups),
    3.) picking up pallets mechanically.
  5. An automatic ring type pallet wrapper from Manuli Ekobal with a capacity (covering pallets with a height of 2000 mm) 33 pallets/h.