Date: 2014-05-28


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  1. Product: scent cubes without baskets,
  2. cube size: 70 x 32 mm, weight 40 g.,
  3. hook fastening error tolerance – 1 mm,
  4. the hooks are feed manually by employees,
  5. robot: M-3iA/6S from Fanuc Robotics – 4 movement axes; the robot's design optimized for attaching hooks to cubes,
  6. a dedicated gripper designed to pick up hooks, and drive them down into cubes,
  7. conveyor system: for receiving cubes from a Cutter device, and for transporting them to the robot's station.


Line's capacity: 90 pcs./ min.,

Description of operation:

The cubes are collected from the Cutter device by the conveyor system which orders them, then, after being arranged and positioned precisely they are
fed to the robot's workplace zone. Owing to the fact that the cubes have an elliptical shape, and it is exceptionally difficult to position them in automatic systems, a complicated system of conveyors has been used in two planes (horizontal – transport, vertical correct arrangement), which cooperate such that a cube cannot rotate around its own axis. On the other side of the line, the personnel puts hooks into compartments on a carousel conveyor, which are then attached to the cubes. An optical sensor placed on the belt feeding the cubes within the robot's work zone informs it of subsequent cubes being fed to the system. The robot, equipped with an advanced system for tracking the movement of the conveyor's belt (line tracking) is able, with a very high precision, to determine in motion the position of a moving cube, and, thanks to the vision system - the position of an incoming hook. The robot grabs the hook and moves together with it above the cube which keeps moving along the belt, then, during the conveyor's motion, while correcting the hook's position in relation to the cube, it delicately drives the hook into the passing cube with the tolerance of +/- 1 mm. The last stage of the cube's production is the module, which finally presses the hook into the cube down to the right depth. This system is so sensitive that it is able to avoid squeezing the cubes, the size of which (the height) differs from the nominal one.

Additional information:

Nicols production plant located in the township of Trawniki needed an automatic system for attaching hooks to toilet cubes. An innovative, most comprehensive solution which matched our requirements was proposed by Wikpol. The application of a Fanuc robot is the ideal option, because it ensures the greatest flexibility in controlling the position and placement of the hooks when changing the range. The system makes it possible to use the minimal number of operators and increase the capacity of the line – said Krzysztof (Kris) Polkowski, Senior Project Manager at Nicols Poland Sp. z o.o.