Date: 2015-01-16


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The order included the delivery of the following:

  1. a device for filling big-bags with a capacity of 4200 kg/h equipped with a gravity two-stage dispensing valve, and a dust-proof clamp for sealing charging stub pipes,
  2. a packing machine for 25 kg bags with a capacity of 4200 kg/h,
  3. a palletizing line for 25 kg bags which consists of:
    - bag conveyors,
    - a static control scale – a bag collecting conveyor,
    - a glue applicator for bags,
    - an industrial robot station,
    - roller conveyors for pallets,
    - an automatic module for wrapping pallets,
    - an empty pallets magazine,
    - a magazine for bags which exceed the tolerance,
    - a magazine for cardboard dividers.

Description of operation:

One of the devices supplied to this Client was a big-bags filling device with a scale in its base. The bags are filled and weighted half-suspended (a scale in the base - the bag is supported by the scale and is held by the holders). The filling proceeds by means of a gravitational dispensing valve.

The second device was an ESSEGI model F1200 MEC vertical packing machine designed to shape, fill, and seal packages formed from foil unwrapped from a single roll. The bags may be sealed vertically and horizontally.

The third element of the delivery is a line for palletizing packed bags with an industrial robot. The bags are being taken away by a collecting conveyor from under the packing machine, which transports the bags to the bag shaping module whose task is to form the bags into the right shape similar to a cuboid. Then, the bags are collected by a dedicated weighted roller conveyor, from which the robot picks up the bags and places them on a pallet. The application of a static control scale makes it possible to control the weight of the bags being placed on a pallet, the bags with a weight which exceeds the tolerance are placed aside by the robot on a special storage station. The robot is equipped with a special gripper designed to mechanically pick up: one bag at a time from the weighted conveyor, empty pallets, and cardboard dividers from the magazine. A loaded pallet is being moved to an automatic wrapping machine.

Additional information:

Because of the limited surface available, the devices of the palletizing line for 25 kg bags, and the automatic pallet wrapper were covered by a single, shared mesh guarding system and a safety perimeter.

This solution requires stopping all the palletizing line along with the pallet wrapping system in the case of:

  • topping up the empty pallet magazine
  • topping up the cardboard divider magazine,
  • collecting a pallet with bags with a weight which exceed the tolerance,
  • topping up stretch foil in the pallet wrapper,
  • replacing the foil roll for dividers
  • placing a pallet at the top in the wrapper,
  • any other servicing or setting activities related to servicing the system, and thus to the staff entering into the operation zone of the robot and the pallet wrapper.