Manufacturing the line

The production of devices constituting the robotic palletizing and bulk packaging lines is carried out by Wikpol on its own. This applies in particular to the execution of precision operations such as cutting, bending, machining and welding of components, as well as the assembly of devices, electrical systems, automation and control components that determine the quality and efficiency of the line.

The high level of performance is supported by the standardization of work organization, which affects the simplification, and thus transparency, of the processes carried out in the company. Supervision of production takes place in an IT system that collects data flowing in from the respective manufacturing sections. For example, at the stage of mechanical assembly, the key information carrier are the QR codes placed on the manufactured elements and read at the beginning of each subsequent operation.

The implementation of tasks at individual positions is also facilitated by the specialized Wikpol application that organizes the course of work and allows employees to submit comments on the project at any time, which significantly improves the efficiency of the product manufacturing process.

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