Welding materials

Different kinds of welding materials also include those, the packing and palletization of which are very troublesome. In such situations, the best solution is the automation of both processes, designed and made taking into account the investor's (plant's) individual needs. Thanks to the modernization, the manufacturing company gains numerous benefits in the form of improvements in the key performance indicators, and better working conditions.

An example of a system comprehensively adjusted to the manufacturing process of an enterprise is a fully automated welding flux vacuum packaging line, connected with a palletizing robot cell, and also with systems for identifying, verifying, weighing the material, and sealing the bags, applying the labels etc. A multi-purpose work head works in several modes depending on the current situation. If we add that the line operates in a constrained space, practically without any operators, we have a flexible production system optimized in terms of the user's individual needs.


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Welding materials