Tobacco industry

The tobacco industry uses Wikpol's robotized systems to implement specific tasks, such as feeding raw materials to the production lines. The robotization of this area solves two essential issues that the tobacco producers face at the production preparation stage. At the same time, it brings them measurable benefits. The first one consists in entrusting particularly cumbersome tasks to robots that unpack raw materials from large and heavy cardboard boxes (up to 220 kg), and feed it to the right production line. The use of machines to the hardest physical works results both in a significant increase in the capacity, and a noticeable reduction in material losses.

Another benefit resulting from the application of a specialized software app, is verification of the compliance of the raw materials (tobacco type) directed to particular production lines with the formula being currently implemented, compliant with the production plan. The visualization system responsible for this function responds in each case of detecting an issue, by correcting the course of the manufacturing process, and by preventing specific financial losses. It therefore constitutes a significant element of the quality control of the whole enterprise.


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Tobacco industry