Sugar industry

We have cooperated with businesses representing the sugar industry right from the start of our operations i.e. for over 30 years. Our lines – automated and robotized – operate at twenty of the largest sugar refineries in Poland and at several foreign ones. When designing systems for sugar producers, we have in mind both the specific properties of the product, and the specific needs of particular plants, which dynamically upgrade their technical infrastructure.

It is necessary to emphasize that our projects for the sugar industry include solutions for different sections of their production department. Previously it would be often the automation of the process of packaging sugar into open bags and valve bags in the range of weighted weights of from 5 kg to 50 kg, and in big - bags of 500 kg and 1,000 kg. Currently, we implement investment projects related to the robotization of packaging bags weighting 1 kg into cardboard boxes and displays, which are then stacked by a robot on pallets. an important category of our implementations at sugar refineries is also the robotization of palletizing processes. The robot-based palletizing lines are customized for the manufacturing conditions of a given plant, e.g. they may handle retail packages (1 kg bags), and wholesale packages (bags weighting 5, 10, 15, 20, and 50 kg). The area of the IT support being delivered may also vary: from line control software to full exchange of data with ERP systems.

Our offer for collecting and evaluating beet is also interesting. It consists of modern, advanced products, such as the Integrated Beet Collecting System, which makes it possible to smoothly organize the transport of beet collected at a sugar refinery, and identify each raw material batch delivered. One of the benefits provided for in the system is the application of mobile phones as multi-functional tools to localize (for instance a particular heap of beet), communicate (data exchange between a driver, and a dispatcher), collect data, and install specific apps which offer specified features.

ZSSS is associated with other applications that handle the pre-production stage. These include: software apps for raw materials warehouse management, or an accounting system for settling with farmers (among others with reference to the procurement).

Particularly interesting products in this group, due to the high efficiency of the process, and service-free 24-hour operation, is a robot-based raw material testing line, consisting of a raw material preparation section for quality tests and of a laboratory section. The analytical laboratory, which is examining beet pulp for its sugar content and for the presence of contaminants, is handled end-to-end by an industrial robot. One important function of the system is also automatic identification of samples, and collecting the results in a special system (LabSys2000B).


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