Starch industry

For producers associated with the starch industry, we have designed and performed a number of investment projects which streamline the packaging and palletizing processes. Our projects differ in terms of the operation scope adapted to the actual needs of the users: from individual automatic packing stations or robotized palletizing cells to complex technological routes which include both of the above production stages, and numerous additional activities .They include: contaminant detection e.g. metal contaminants, control weighing, elimination of the products outside the pre-set tolerance, forming trays, displays, applying labels etc.

Depending on the conditions existing at a given manufacturer's, we deploy systems with various degrees of automation. For example, packing machines can be operated manually or with the help of an industrial robot. On the other hand, at a palletizing cell, the robot may perform only the main function or combine it with feeding dividers, corners, or pallets, or it may co-operate with other robots working at the line. The use of robots in packing and palletizing systems significantly improves the capacity, effectiveness, and final quality of the product.

Our lines pack collectively into cardboard boxes or displays unit (retail) packages of potato starch, and palletize all the types of packages: bags weighting 0.5 and 1 kg in bulk, in packages or displays, and any types and sizes of bags.

Wikpol's offer addressed to starch industry plants also includes a robotized laboratory for testing raw materials, and a computer-based collection management system.


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