Sanitary and hygienic products

The users of our robot-based lines in the sanitary - hygiene industry include the manufacturers of brand paper hygienic products (the so called tissue). Projects for this group of producers involve specific requirements resulting from the nature of the manufacturing process, and the specific nature of the product itself. Due to the large production volume, the palletizing process must proceed with a sufficiently high efficiency. On the other hand, a substantial diversification of the size and types of the packages and the templates of arranging on pallets makes it necessary for the system to operate flexibly, it should adjust to changes easily and quickly. At the same time, a delicate product placed in large and unstable packages needs to be carefully secured against deformations, or damage.

Our robot-based palletizing lines, designed comprehensively for the specific requirements described, have been verified under production conditions in the most advanced manufacturing plants in the industry, obtaining users' positive opinions.


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