Plastics and resins

The production of the companies operating in the plastic and resin industry usually involves high volumes. For this reason Wikpol's packaging and palletizing lines are a good choice for enterprises which consider deploying modern solutions in both of these areas. It is because, in addition to the high efficiency and reliability, they guarantee numerous additional benefits, which ensure effective production.

Our lines are customized to the processes running at the manufacturing plants, and to the existing infrastructure. We also take into account the long-term goals of our customers. This means that the projects created by us are fully optimized for the needs of the users. The solutions, which relatively often appear in the implementations for the plastic and resin industry manufacturers include: adapting the devices to work within any zones endangered with explosions, special construction materials, pollutant detectors and scales, and other control devices, forming, welding, and closing the packages, labelling, marking, identifying the products, and software apps adapted to the requirements of the plant. Ceramic products


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Plastics and resins