Paints, lacquers, and dyes

The manufacturers of paints, varnishes, and colorants are large plants which offer a broad range of products. The production process at these companies is characterized by a high capacity, and dynamic changes in the range with a significant diversification in terms of the density /volume, and the format of the unit and collective packages.

We have taken all these aspects into consideration when designing our palletizing and packing systems intended for the industry. As a result, plants which produce paints, lacquers, and dyes employ Wikpol's robot-based lines and automatic stations fully adapted to the requirements of the particular plants. in short, these systems may be characterized as follows:

  • a high capacity of the palletizing and packaging processes, correlated with the throughput of the bottling lines
  • automatic, quick refitting of the lines to a new product format in line with the
    dynamically changing production plan
  • the ability to freely define the templates of arranging on pallets/in cardboard boxes
  • the integration of the palletizing /packing line with third party systems, including transmitting production orders, and direct intervention in the logistics of products on the pallet
  • cooperation with existing devices: bottling lines, labelling machines, logistical labels appliers, and controlling chosen machines
  • coordination of the working cells (palletizing or packing cells) with the transport system which moves the product and distributes empty and full pallets

An important aspect of the business operations in the field of paints, varnishes, and colorants is minimizing the product losses at all stages of the production process. Due to the product's price, any losses adversely affect the results obtained and impede the achievement of the key purpose, which is an increased production effectiveness. From this point of view, the automation and robotization are a good solution for these entities.

The range of Wikpol's solutions for the paint, varnish, and colorant industry is considerable: from highly efficient case - packers to extended lines which include numerous stations with industrial robots.


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Paints, lacquers, and dyes