Medical products

Robotization is an ally of pharmaceutical companies, and of the manufacturers of medical products both in meeting rigorous safety standards and delivering reliable products, and in achieving a high production capacity at a high diversification of the products.

The robot-based palletizing lines intended for the medical industry are an example of how an optimized system with an industrial robot provides benefits in different areas of a company. In our solutions, a robotized working cell palletizes products supplied from several production lines. The second element of the system is a product full identification module which verifies multiple times the presence and the correctness of leaflets, labels, and images printed at the product, unit package, and pallet level. On the other hand, under the quality control, the product weight and the correctness of the packages' closing are monitored. The system automatically eliminates products inconsistent with the model. The extended software of the palletizing line, which consists of control, monitoring and visualization systems, enables communication with other systems of the plant and suitable data backup.


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