Meat industry

Meat industry plants are increasingly more often using the state of the art technology available on the market. This is justified by the fact that, when pursuing business objectives, these companies must meet a whole range of requirements resulting from the national regulations, among others those concerning the good processing practice systems (HACCP, GHP, GMP), raw materials evaluation (EUROP), and in the case of exporting – the standards binding in foreign countries.

From the point of view of companies involved in meat processing, the automation, and, most of all, the robotization, are invaluable in organizing their production in such a way that ensures not only the effectiveness and repeatability of the products, but also monitoring of the course of the production processes and comprehensive information from the line.

Wikpol's robot-based palletizing lines are a perfect example of implementations which solve specific issues of the users. Our clients from the meat sector achieve benefits resulting both from the reliable implementation of particular task, and from full data exchange within an integrated IT system. A particularly important factor for meat products is also guaranteed continuous production.


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Meat industry