Household chemistry

Household chemistry is an industry which covers an exceptionally wide range of products and packaging methods. Among the numerous deployments completed by us for the manufacturers of household chemicals, the biggest number applies to robot-based palletization of cardboard packages. The customers also operate our lines for packing products in collective packages, pick&place systems, as well as systems for packing unusual products.

The companies from this industry are large, modern, international entities that require high technical and qualitative standards from their suppliers. The fact that we implement several subsequent manufacturing investment projects for them demonstrates that we are competitive in many respects.

The producers of household chemicals appreciate the benefits arising from the robotization of such cumbersome sections as the packing and palletization processes. It is because, as a result of the modernization, they improve the indicators related to the capacity, costs, and quality. In many cases, the following organizational issues are important to them: 24 hours operation, easy modification of the packaging and palletizing programs due to changes in the product or the packaging, controlling the operation of the line from different levels. One strength of our lines is also visualization of the operation of devices with a system which informs about events occurring, and cooperation with external systems, for instance ERP.


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