Fruit – vegetable processing

The offer of large fruit and vegetable processing companies include an exceptionally broad range of products. The products are packed into different types of unit packages with different sizes and weights. A similar rule applies to collective packages, both wholesale type, and those intended for displays in retail sales.

Wikpol's palletization lines intended for the fruit and vegetable processing industry are adapted to this diversity in an optimal way. The palletizing robots have been equipped with specialized heads, which pick up the full range of products without the need to refit the system each time. Typically a single palletizing robot picks up products from several production lines. It performs, at the same time, auxiliary functions, e.g. placing dividers on pallets.

Thanks to the flexibility of the solutions applied, our palletization systems achieve a capacity of a few dozen thousand packages/hour. We use similar concepts when we design secondary packaging lines.


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Fruit – vegetable processing