Flour industry

Mills and grain processing plants are an important group of our customers. These companies, due to the nature of their production, are mostly interested in our offer in the field of packaging and palletizing. Thanks to the many years of our cooperation with leading producers in the industry, we have developed solutions fully adapted to the properties of cereal products: flour, groats, flakes, bran, and seeds of other plants, as long as the given plant deals with their processing or preparation. The range of the systems we deploy takes into account the individual needs of manufacturers, meaning it may include compact systems, and robotized complex packaging and palletizing lines. The collection of additional functions, such as metal contaminant detection, control weighing, elimination of the products exceeding the pre-set tolerance, forming trays, displays, labels application, and many others, may also vary.

Our packaging and palletizing systems operate with all types of packages used in the industry: 1 kg bags in bulk, 1 kg bags in displays and blisters, and different types of bags with a mass of 5 kg – 50 kg.


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Flour industry