Floor production

Our projects for the floor industry are some of the more interesting ones, since they involve a wide range of production processes: from packaging and palletizing to robotized picking and packing of models. Moreover, they relate to a product with non-standard dimensions.

A robot-based line for packing finishing elements with a significant length has been designed by us for companies specialized in the production of floors, planks, panels, slats and similar materials. The line is characterized by a high operating flexibility ‒ it packs products of varying dimensions with a capacity that matches the throughput of the manufacturing lines at the given plant. It cooperates smoothly/effectively with other systems e.g. palletizing systems. The key functions being implemented in standard versions of the lines are forming cardboard boxes, packing prepared stacks into cardboard boxes, placing leaflets, and closing and gluing the packages. Additionally, the specialized software app provides the user with the crucial production data, reports from the line's operation, and also it records emergency states of the devices. The system is controlled through an intuitive interface
from the level of the operator panel.


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