Fertilizers, raw materials, plant protection products

Plants that manufacture fertilizers, raw materials, and plant protection agents are an important group of Wikpol's customers. The scope of the solutions implemented by us for these industries is broad, which results from the need to adjust palletizing and secondary packaging lines to the characteristics of production processes at particular plants.

Thanks to our systems, companies involved in extracting and processing minerals, manufacturing fertilizers, and plant protection agents can satisfy the key needs related to improving the manufacturing process. The devices we provide are particularly useful, which results from the following features:

  • high capacity
  • precise operation
  • reliability
  • flexibility
  • modern software which reports the results of the system's operation and monitors its status

Our lines are designed for palletizing and packaging multipacks of a full range of products to be packed into bags, cardboard boxes, bottles, plastic containers, big - bags. And this is not the full list of the options. Depending on the needs, the devices may be refitted for a changed range manually or automatically. It is possible to easily add new products; the line's automation level may also vary.

Wikpol designs and makes packing and palletizing lines taking into consideration the customers' individual requirements, which results in a big scope of the offer: from the automation of the processes of packing unit products into collective packages through the robotization of palletizing processes, up to complete packaging and palletizing lines which use mobile robots.


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