Fat industry

The producers who operate on the oil and fat product market are modern enterprises which achieve a high production effectiveness, among others by implementing modern technical solutions and processes that maximize their manufacturing capacity. Our robotized palletization and packaging lines match this model, first of all due to the capacity achieved and the flexibility. For instance, in a standard palletization system for bottled oilseeds products, the key element, which is the robot's gripper, has been adapted to pick up bottles of different volume and to stack them on pallets according to diverse, programmed templates. The range of the functions performed by the system includes, among others, forming collective packages (trays), packing the product into collective packages, placing dividers between the layers placed on pallets, distributing, wrapping, and labelling full pallets (DHP and euro). The system with such a broad range of features achieves a capacity of more than ten thousand product pieces palletized per hour.

At the same time, it is worth emphasizing that the line has been designed for further bottle volumes, without the need to reconstruct it.


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Fat industry