Coffee and tea processing

Wikpol's projects for the coffee and tea processing industry are among the most interesting ones in terms of combining robot-based, multi-station palletization with information technology solutions, which make it possible to control a complex process effectively. Their essence consists in coordinating precisely the course of palletization at a high production capacity, a large number of product ranges, and their frequent changes. The central palletizing system developed and implemented by us performs the following tasks:

  • synchronizing the work of a complex system composed of a vertical and horizontal transport system
    , a sorter, and palletizing cells
  • determining the priority product ranges for particular palletizing stations
  • maximizing the efficiency of the robots which collect several product ranges at the same time
  • maximizing the efficiency of pallet distribution in the system
  • controlling the operation of the line easily from different operational levels
  • monitoring the line's operation remotely
  • exchanging data with external IT systems (for instance collecting palletization plans from production programs)
  • programming an unlimited number of palletization templates


For companies which produce coffee and various kinds of teas, we offer, on a smaller scale, palletization systems strictly selected for the capacity achieved and for other needs important from their point of view.

Another equally interesting and technically advanced solution intended for coffee and tea producers is a robot-based line for mixing ranges in commercial packages.


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