Building materials

Our clients in the construction materials industry are businesses specializing in manufacturing granular products such as: binders, aggregate, grout, and cement products, ceiling and finishing materials.

Companies involved in the production of construction materials increasingly more often implement the automation and robotization of key processes, e.g. product packaging and palletizing. This tendency results in the first place from the need to significantly increase the productivity. There are also additional arguments: a decrease in material losses, a significant improvement in the quality of the products, the availability of precise production data, better utilization of the working space, and the ability to redirect employees to less troublesome positions/sections. The broad options of adapting the robotized systems to non-standard manufacturing conditions or the specific requirements of a product are also very important for the manufacturers. One example of such a customized solution could be the electronic system for controlling pre-packaged products, developed for one of the largest concrete manufacturers.

The advantages from the deployment of an optimized system are similar for large and for smaller companies. This is confirmed by all the users of our lines, regardless of the type of the system they operate: packing loose products into bags, palletizing multipacks, or individual construction elements.


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