Beverage and mineral water industry

The production of beverages and mineral water is characterized by a high capacity. Our robotized packaging and palletizing systems are fully suitable to work with manufacturing lines with a high throughput – a single station with a robot palletizes at a speed of more than ten thousand bottles (or other unit packages) per hour. At the same time, the possibility of flexibly refit the system, including the robot's gripper, for different bottle volumes, package types, multipack sizes, and pallet types (euro, dhp), should be emphasized. An important feature of the system is its software, e.g. for creating different templates for arranging products in layers.

At the same time, the work unit performs additional functions, such as: distributing pallets, or placing dividers between the layers of products on the pallet.

The scope of the tasks of Wikpol's robot-based lines may reach beyond the standard processes. One interesting example of such a solution is mixing the products. A specialist system with an industrial robot picks up products from several pallets with a homogeneous product (de-palletizing), and then fills up different types of packages according to a scheme selected from the pool of programmed templates.


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Beverage and mineral water industry