Batteries and rechargeable batteries

The manufacturers of batteries and rechargeable batteries increasingly more often apply automation and robotization at their plants, which significantly increases their competitiveness on the market. This is since the benefits obtained on this account by enterprises involve many aspects of their operations, such as: the capacity, quality, and production costs. An important factor is also the flexibility of the systems – the robots handle a broad range of products with different parameters, and they work with any devices/systems. They are also the source of production data, which they exchange with the plant's systems.

The robotic solutions implemented by us in the rechargeable batteries industry involve specialized processes typical for specific manufacturers, possibly a narrow group of producers who apply similar manufacturing methods. The deployment of robotization at companies which utilize traditional technologies positively influences the effectiveness and quality of their production, and significantly reduces the exposure of the employees to harmful factors. and releases them from the physically hardest works. An additional advantage of our robot-based lines is their simple operation, which proceeds through an intuitive interface.


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Batteries and rechargeable batteries