Bakery industry

Large bakeries which distribute their products on an area beyond their local market, appreciate the benefits that result from robot-based palletization. For them, the most important is a high capacity which must be accompanied by other advantages, such as the ability to deploy the system on a small surface, flexible assortment changes, correct labelling, and maintaining appropriate hygienic conditions. Our previous experience with bakery products involves fresh and frozen bread, packed in various kinds of transport packages, including cardboard boxes and trays.

In the standard system installed in larger bakery plants, the robot palletizes products supplied from several production lines at a speed that matches the capacity of the packing machines cooperating with it. An example throughput of such an arrangement is more than ten thousand product pieces or min. 2,000 packages/ hour. A typical palletizing line is supplemented by: a transport system which delivers products, a pallet distribution system, a wrapping machine, and a pallet labelling machine.

As a result of our many-years cooperation with bakeries, our palletization lines include all the important aspects related to the specific nature of this industry.


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