Date: 2013-07-26


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  1. Palletizing bags filled with washing powder,
  2. bags transported from two lines,
  3. bags put automatically into cardboard baskets,
  4. the type of pallets: euro pallets/and half - pallets,
  5. more than ten types of bags weighting 4 kg to 10 kg

Robot station:

The system consists of the following elements:

  • module for cleaning the bags from dust,
  • bags buffering module,
  • control scale with a discriminator,
  • module for positioning and picking bags,
  • a palletizing position with a Kawasaki ZD130 industrial robot, equipped with a gripper designed to pick up a diverse range of bags, 2 or 3 bags per cycle, and place them in a cardboard hoop,
  • module for feeding pallets with hoops,
  • roller conveyors for pallets.

Work head:

The robot's gripper is characterized by a high accuracy in stacking bags, and a very high repeatability.
It has a section structure where each section can move independently from the others. All the sections are ended with suction cups for picking up bags with washing powder. Additionally, the side sections have powered supporting flaps.
The palletizing line is adapted to different types of bags by means of programming in a smooth manner – without the need to make mechanical regulations. This is important die to reduced stoppages, and thus to an increased capacity of the line.


Thanks to connecting the robot's controller to the PLC controller by means of the Profibus-DP standard, it was possible to change the product range from the operator's panel alone without the need to use the robot's panel (simplified operation).

The robot's controller and the PLC controller are connected to the Ethernet with an Internet access. With such a solution, it is possible to supervise, and maintain the line from any place in the world.

The palletization line is equipped with an original ALPA-view app for its operation, developed by the IT Department at Wikpol Sp. z o.o.
The ALPA-view system makes it possible, among others, to:

  • operate the line on a current basis,
  • change the parameters of the line,
  • supervise the devices.

Additional information:

The line is adjusted to palletize dozens of bag types assuming more than ten arrangement templates.