Date: 2014-08-07


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  1. block weight: 10 kg,
  2. number of layers on a pallet: 19,
  3. numbers of blocks per layer: 5,
  4. cardboard divider at the bottom of the pallet,
  5. simultaneous palletization of three products,
  6. automatic pallet wrapper with a module for placing dividers on the top of pallets,
  7. automatic label applicator – pallet corner, label format: 2xA6,
  8. a module for calculating the weight of the frozen blocks on a pallet.


This system can simultaneously palletize up to three different products with a capacity of up to 600 blocks/h, and has the option of expanding the system in order to achieve a capacity of the line at a level of 1200 blocks/h.

Description of operation:

The trays with frozen meat blocks slide out from the freezer, and then are transported to the manipulator which removes the blocks from the trays. Each block is marked with a graphic symbol – a letter. The blocks fed are placed on a nearby conveyor which moves them to a line with a palletizing industrial robot from Fanuc Robotics. The line is equipped with a vision system connected to a PLC controller. This system identifies the product type, thus the robot knows which one of the three palletizing stations should receive the block.

The blocks are transported to conveyors with an integrated static scale, from which, after positioning, they are picked up by a robot and placed on a pallet. This scale makes it possible to determine the net weight of the product on each of the pallets loaded. The weight of the whole pallet is measured by summing up the weights of particular blocks.

Empty pallets, and cardboard dividers are being delivered to the system by the personnel. The robot picks up a divider, and then an empty pallet from the magazine, and places on a free palletizing station. When loaded, the pallets are transported by means of a roller and chain conveyor system to the automatic module for wrapping with stretch foil. After the pallet is wrapped, labels are applied at a corner – the label contains min. the weight of the load and the weight of the full pallet. Then, the pallet is moved to a conveyor from which it is picked up by the personnel by means of a forklift truck.