Open-mouth sack fillers

Depending on the type of packaged material, we can offer you the following types of packaging machines for open-mouth sacks:

  • EWN-SO for packing dust-generating products, where two-stage feed is provided via an inverter-controlled screw conveyor.
  • EWN-GO for packing granulated products, with gravity-based sack filling.
  • EWN-PO for packing products with variable granulation, with an inverter-controlled screw-conveyor feed.
  • EWN-WO for packing products that are likely to lump up or get stuck together, with filling via vibrating feeder

Each machine type can be fitted with one of the following three weighing systems:

  • Gross-weight scale: weighing packaged products directly in the sack (the package is weighed with the product during filling).
  • Net-weight scale: a portion of the packaged product is weighed in an intermediate container and then discharged into the sack.
  • Weight-reduction scale: the required amount of packaged product is verified against the reduction in weight in the feeder.


  • High efficiency and weighing precision,
  • Effortless adjustment and setting,
  • Advanced and easily-programmable scale electronics,
  • Pneumatic accessories by FESTO,
  • Feeding track or the complete machine made of stainless steel,
  • Central Office of Measures Type Approval required to obtain machine certification.

Essential technical specification:

  • Adjustable feed volume in the ranges between 0.5-2.5 kg, 5-25 kg or 10-50 kg,
  • Multi-stage feed-volume adjustment via pneumatic- or electronic-drive feeder,
  • Weighing system based on weighing load cells,
  • Automatic discharge of packed sack,
  • Optional: sack pre-forming (air injection),
  • Installation for connecting to a dust-removal system,
  • Net-weight scale-type machine with a twin-weighing system (two weighing baskets and one feeding system),
  • Automatic assessment of weighing errors,
  • Feeder auto-adjustment,
  • Adjustment memory for different-capacity sacks,
  • Internal weight and sack count,
  • Operator messages in any language of your choice,
  • Auxiliary-equipment control capacity (including belt conveyors for sack collection, printers, sack-sealing devices),
  • Highly compatible with PLC drivers or computer systems. RS232, RS485, and Ethernet serial ports,
  • Available communication programs: Modbus (ASCII, RTU), Profibus DP, Ethernet (Modbus TCP/IP), DeviceNet.
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