The case study discussed by experts from Wikpol was related to the robotization of collective packaging and palletizing processes at a food industry manufacturing plant.

Our presentation included crucial issues related to the project:

  • the goals presented by the investor in relation to the robotization
  • the technical challenges resulting from the nature of the product, the technology, the production space etc.
  • the methods of solving particular limitations
  • the effects of the investment project

The title of the conference ,,Optimization, Prediction, Automation, Integration in Operation Maintenance. Best Practice in the Modernization of Manufacturing. New, Economical Technologies. Quality, Safe Product. Packing” suggested a broad problem area raised at the meeting.

This was confirmed by the detailed agenda of the event, which included topics related to organizing, technical innovations: devices, consumables, solutions in the field of automation and robotics, electrical measurements.

The organizer of the conference was WAGTECH publishing house.

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