The birthday cake was a surprise for all, this is why it impressed us, how the presidents, given the surprise, improvised their jubilee speeches. And there was lots to talk about, because during the 30-years long history of Wikpol, many things happened that are worth reminding. Therefore there were memories – about the people who build the company with the founders, and about the events which influenced its development.

Many people who three decades ago were at the beginning of their professional career are still associated with Wikpol. It won’t be an exaggeration to say that the current image of the business brings them significant satisfaction.

What is still ahead of us is also important. The heads did not forget to outline perspectives, particularly in the field of new, technologically advanced products, also in the scope of IT. We have therefore further ambitious goals which motivate to develop competences, both in individuals, and in the entire organization.

And what was the history of the company?

In fact, Wikpol has emerged from the dreams, ideas, and stubbornness of two engineers. And from there, it somehow went fast

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