We are extremely happy that the results achieved place Wikpol among the dynamically developing Polish companies from the SME group. For years, our company has been characterized by a stable development, which is reflected in different business compilations, such as the 21.edition of the Business Gazelles ranking

In the rankings, we can see ourselves among entities of similar sizes, or operating in a similar market area. This way, we can confirm that the business path chosen is the right one; especially that when verifying enterprises, the criteria taken into account are not only financial data such as the turnover or net profit. In the case of the “Business Gazelles”, additionally evaluated are, for example, the reliability and transparency.

The fact that in 2021 Wikpol celebrates its 30th anniversary favors the creation of analyses and summaries. Economic rankings fit these activities.


The ranking, being run by the “Puls Biznesu” commercial daily, distinguishes the most dynamic small and medium businesses. In order to be included in the ranking, an enterprise should demonstrate growing sales over three subsequent years, and also credibility, which is to be confirmed by the Coface commercial intelligence company. The company’s place on the ranking list is to be determined by the turnover growth expressed as a percentage, achieved within three analyzed years (2019 vs. 2017).

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