We consider the Taropak 2018 fair fruitful. It was an opportunity to present our assets as a company that deals with industrial automation. We also could learn the current needs of enterprises which consider improving their packaging and palletizing processes and are looking for the best solutions in this respect. During the discussions, we have listed detailed information on the planned investment projects. It turns out that regardless of the industry, the production profile and scale, the optimal choice for the manufacturers is to apply a palletizing or packing robot. The robot’s advantage over a palletizer or a packing automatic machine is in its flexibility, achieved e.g. thanks to the proper structure of the working head that makes it possible to adjust it easily to changing products and processes.

In order to visualize the benefits resulting from using the palletizing robot to our guests, we simulated a station that operates on the daily basis at a manufacturing plant of a large global manufacturer of household chemicals. The palletizing robot, in this case a Fanuc R 2000 165 F, has been equipped with a work head, which, in a single cycle, picks up a group of cardboard packages and places it on pallets. In the manufacturing circumstances, the head additionally places cardboard spacers between the product layers. The capacity of the station is more than 1000 cardboard boxes per hour and is adapted to the capacity of the production line. The system reaches an OEE factor at a level of 97%, and the repeatability of the robot’s operation reaches ±0.2mm.

One evidence for the palletizing robot’s flexibility is that the head picks up packages in more than ten sizes, and each format is placed on the pallet according to a different template. The cardboard boxes, depending on the size, are delivered to the station at different speeds. The head is refitted between data formats automatically.

We hope that the portion of a robot-based palletizing line presented by us at the exhibition was interesting for the visitors.

You are welcome to visit us at Taropak 2019.

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