Wikpol is known for modern work methods and tools. The company likes to implement the latest technical solutions, which makes it possible to generate additional benefits for the clients. One of the recent examples of such an approach to creating a product is the application of a digital twin, namely a virtual environment for testing different scenarios of devices’ operation. This method was used, among others, to develop the design and to simulate a smart conveyor in a pasta production line. The designing of the device required solving a significant issue − the possible collision of the machine’s elements during fast operation with simultaneous high assortment diversity. The complex tests of the conveyor’s digital model made it possible to efficiently overcome the existing limitations and accelerate the completion of the solution. We encourage you to watch the video presenting the practical applications of the digital twin by Wikpol’s engineers: When implementing this project, Wikpol’s specialists co-worked with Siemens, which provided equipment and software, and also described in detail the whole implementation on their website:

Przy realizacji niniejszego projektu specjaliści Wikpolu współpracowali z firmą Siemens, która dostarczyła sprzęt i oprogramowanie, a także szczegółowo opisała całość wdrożenia na swojej stronie www:

The implementation of the digital twin by Wikpol is also discussed by Siemens’ expert – Maciej Gryczewski:

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