Certificate of planting a tree on Wikpol’s behalf

Wikpol received a certificate of planting a new tree. On our behalf, the tree was planted by TUV NORD Polska, which on the occasion of its thirtieth anniversary undertook an interesting and useful initiative – planting a tree for each completed audit (certification, supervision or recertification). The planting of trees is documented and certified.

As the Organization itself stated in the communication provided to us: “we are improving the world and the comfort of your customers”.

We are glad that thanks to cooperation with TUV NORD Polska Wikpol contributed to the appearance of another tree in the forest created by this globally recognized company.

We quote a fragment of information received from TUV NORD Polska:

“One tree produces 140 kg of oxygen per year. This is exactly what one adult person needs per annum. Trees are our carbon-reducing filter and our air conditioner that cools our air on hot days. They enable us to slow down the outflow of rainwater. Greenery has a positive effect on our well-being and health, has a calming effect and relieves stress.”

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