Thank you all who visited our stand at this year’s edition of the Automaticon fair. This event is a perfect opportunity to present our solutions. But not only – we appreciate the opportunity to learn the opinions of, and exchange ideas with persons who deal with or are passionate about the issues of automation.

This year, we presented an app which simulates a palletizing station installed at a manufacturing plant of a large global manufacturer of consumer goods (household chemicals, medications, and personal hygiene). The core element of the system is a Fanuc R 2000 165 F robot equipped with a work head designed to pick up a group of carton packages and place them on pallets. In the manufacturing circumstances, the head additionally places cardboard spacers between the product layers.

A characteristic feature of the system is its flexibility. The work head picks up packages of more than ten sizes, being delivered to the station at different speeds. Each package format is placed on the pallet according to a different template. The head refits itself between the templates automatically.

The robot is equipped with a DCS (Dual Check Safety) system, consisting of an advanced position and speed controller. The repeatability of the machine’s operation reaches ±0.2mm.

The capacity of the palletizing station being presented is more than 1,000 cardboard boxes per hour, and is adapted to the capacity of the production line. The OEE factor achieved is 97

It is worth mentioning that similar apps, adapted to specific manufacturing conditions, operate at manufacturing plants in many different industries.

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