Valve sack fillers


Wikpol offers you the following types of packaging machines for valve sacks:

  • EWN-SW for packing dust-generating products, where the material is fed via a screw conveyor.
  • EWN-TW for packing dust-generating products where the material is fed by accelerating turbine blades.
  • EWN-FW for packing dust-generating products where the material is fed by the super-pressure produced in the fluidised bed chamber.
  • EWN-GW for packing granulated products, with gravity-based sack filling.

Machines can be fitted with one of the following three weighing systems:

  • Gross-weight scale: weighing packaged products directly in the sack (the package is weighed with the product during filling).
  • Net-weight scale: a portion of the packaged product is weighed in an intermediate container and then discharged into the sack.
  • Weight-reduction scale: the required amount of packaged product is verified against the reduction in weight in the feeder.


  • High efficiency and weighing precision,
  • Effortless adjustment and setting,
  • Advanced and easily-programmable scales electronics,
  • Pneumatic accessories by FESTO,
  • Feeding track or the complete machine made of stainless steel,
  • Central Office of Measures Type Approval required to obtain machine certification.

Essential technical specification:

  • Adjustable feed volume in the ranges between 5-25kg or 10-50kg,
  • Multi-stage feed-volume adjustment via pneumatic- or electronic-drive feeder,
  • Weighing system based on weighing load cells,
  • Automatic discharge of a packed sack,
  • Optional: sack pre-forming (air injection),
  • Installation for connecting to a dust-removal system,
  • Net-weight scale-type machine with a twin-valve system (one weighing basket and two feeding valves),
  • Automatic assessment of weighing errors,
  • Feeder auto-adjustment,
  • Adjustment memory for different-capacity sacks,
  • Internal weight and sack count,
  • Operator messages in any language of your choice,
  • Auxiliary-equipment control capacity (including belt conveyors for full-sack collection),
  • Highly compatible with PLC drivers or computer systems. RS232, RS485, and Ethernet serial ports,
  • Available communication programs: Modbus (ASCII, RTU), Profibus DP, Ethernet (Modbus TCP/IP), DeviceNet.

Valve-sack filling machines can be fitted with an automatic system for filling nozzles.

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