When considering the purchase of palletizing solution which questions should be answered?

When considering the purchase of palletizing line first you should carefully analyze not only the current process and needs associated with it but also, and perhaps above all, you should look at a more long-term. What requirements should meet palletizing line for a year or two or even five? What should be the efficiency? Which products will be palletized? Do I have confidence that in next year the market will not force a change in product packaging, and thus, how it palletize? How much space a company has in which it can install the line? What is the number of employees so that I could move to work in other jobs? There are many questions and always, when we talk with customers, many of them deliberately put thereby helping them choose the best solution for them.
We specialize in selecting the most optimal solution for the customer. Based on our nearly 25-years’ experience we offer reliable and earlier proven solutions, performing not only virtual simulations of robotic work station in the ROBOGUIDE, but also a lot of real trials and tests on the customer product in our the Research and Development Laboratory.

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