What things should be consider when choosing a contractor for a robotic line?

For a contractor for robotic packaging and palletizing lines should be choose a company that has experience in the automation of production. Robotization is considered to be next, higher degree of automation.

Competitive advantage of Wikpol is primarily due to gained over more than 20 years business experience in automation and robotics. Long-term cooperation with the world leader in the production of industrial robots and control systems for machines CNC FANUC Robotics resulted in granting us as the only company in Poland, certificate Systemic Partner FANUC Robotics in the field of robotic packaging and palletizing. Our company has dozens of completed projects in the country and abroad (exp. Ukraine, Moldova, China). We also cannot forget about the importance of highly qualified specialists in mechatronics industry. Caring for employee development and constant improvement of their qualifications makes the company offers technologically innovative, following the market trends of automation and robotics production.

Wikpol has all the necessary resources to design, execute, install and pass to the operation even the most complex and extensive robotic palletizing line for any type of palletized product. We have our own well-equipped R&D Laboratory and manufacturing center handling heads mainly for packaging and palletizing processes. We improve our products using the latest world achievements in materials technology especially towards reducing the weight of the handling heads while holding all other strength parameters. We cooperate also with technical universities including the Technical University of Lublin .

Wikpol mission is to provide customers with optimal solutions in the field of robotics and automation in packaging and palletizing. Our customers can therefore be confident that our proposed solution will be the most optimal because of the job for which implementation has been made.

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