What suppliers have to offer solutions for palletizing?

The solutions proposed by Polish company have the same quality and ingenuity of the solutions proposed in other European countries.
Wikpol has all the necessary resources to design, execute, install and pass to the operation even the most complex and extensive robotic palletizing line for any type of palletized product. This is confirmed by the fact that we are the only company in Poland that have been certified as Systemic Partner in the field of robotic packaging and palletizing granted to us by the world's leading manufacturer of industrial robots and control systems for CNC FANUC Robotics.
We have our own well-equipped R & D Laboratory and handling heads manufacturing center mainly for packaging and palletizing processes. We improve our products using the latest world achievements in materials technology especially towards reducing the weight of the handling heads while holding all other strength parameters. We cooperate also with technical universities including the Technical University of Lublin .

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