What is the difference between the work of an industrial robot and a palletizer?

Currently there are two main types of devices designed for palletizing on the market: a dedicated device, driven by a number of cooperating drives called palletizers (plate, portal, etc.) and industrial robots dedicated to the process line of palletizing robots. Palletizers are a traditional device used so far, the design of which is usually dedicated solely to palletizing one type of packaging. They are usually statically mounted in place of stacking goods on a pal- let, without being able to adapt to the changed product, its size, shape or weight. The second type is a solution where the main actuator is an industrial robot equipped with a handling head. The construction and software of industrial robot has been optimized for palletizing process. Suitably designed handling head is capable of palletized various types of products at the same time, or be adapted for this type of work in the case of changing the type of palletized product at a later time.
Comparing those two solutions is not difficult to discern technical advantage of robotic lines over conventional on many levels, which, combined with the significant reduction in the prices of robots makes today the company willing to reach for solutions based on industrial robots than conventional palletizers.

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